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Cornwall Regional Airport is home to two flight schools and a flying club.

Cornwall Aviation Services

Cornwall Aviation Services is located at the airport and has been in business for over 39 years. The company offers reliable maintenance services, and maintains a well equipped shop to handle general maintenance, routine annual inspections, windshield and engine changes as well as structural repairs and more.

Cornwall Aviation Services also offers a wide range of flight training services from recreational to multi engine and instrument flight training. In addition to single engine aircraft, Cornwall Aviation maintains 3 Piper Seminole twin engine aircraft and two full motion Redbird FMX Flight Training Devices .

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Cornwall Flying Club

The Cornwall Flying Club (COPA Flight 59) is based at Cornwall Regional Airport.

The club promotes general aviation, freedom and pleasure to fly by providing its members with a friendly and fun aviation-oriented environment and encouraging them to remain active in the flying community.

The club actively supports and participates regional flying activities. The club also supports the local community though events such as COPA for Kids where children are given their first taste of flight in a small airplane.

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